Hikvision presenta la gama de grabadores DS-7200HVI-ST/SE

Hikvision presentaba el mes pasado nuevos modelos dentro de su gama de grabadores 7200, los HVI-ST/SE. Estos grabadores hacen crecer la gama entry-level de Hikvision, complementando a los modelos HVI-ST y a los tambien recientes HFI-ST.

En la gama HVI-ST/SE se han suprimido las entradas de alarma, la tercera salida de video SPOT, y se deja únicamente un canal de audio. Manteniendo todas las demás prestaciones de los HVI-ST, estamos frente a un excelente y ecónomico grabador para pequeños negocios, donde esas 3 opciones rara vez suelen utilizarse.

Entre algunas de las principales carácteristicas de la gama HVI-ST/SE tenemos: grabación a CIF 352×288 25fps por canal, hasta D1 704×576 a 12fps por canal, dual stream, compresión H.264, salida dual BNC y VGA, puerto RS485, 2 puertos USB, playback simultaneo de 4 canales, acceso desde Explorer o smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.), grabación programada y por eventos configurable por canal, envio de screenshots por email, …

Los 3 nuevos modelos son:

La nota de prensa de Hikvision:

No Frills and No Compromises — Hikvision Introduces Entry-level Standalone DVRs

September 22, 2011 Hikvision is proud to introduce its latest next-generation digital surveillance product: the DS-7200HVI-ST/SE series standalone DVRs. These DVRs are designed to cater towards smaller-scale security applications that are seeking a high quality, but cost-effective digital surveillance solution. Venues that are perfect for the DS-7200HVI-ST/SE series include convenience stores, offices, homes, and petrol stations – among others.

These entry-level DVRs utilize the latest H.264 video compression algorithm to optimize video storage; and also combine many features of high-end DVR solutions; all the while fully retaining a clear focus on the needs and priorities of cost conscious installations (such as easy set-up, an intuitive user interface, reliable video recording, and high image quality).

The DS-7200HVI-ST/SE series incorporates a maximum 16-channel video and audio input system, with an 8-channel and 4-channel option. This serves to offer high-quality video with a resolution of up to 4CIF. Additionally, these units can accommodate up to 2 SATA hard disk drives with a maximum capacity of 2 TB per drive. With HDD pre-allocation functionality, the DS-7200HVI-ST/SE series can reliably record for extended periods of time (with earlier video files automatically overwritten when the HDDs become full), and dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

Furthermore, in comparison to the earlier DS-7200HVI-S series standalone DVRs, this new DS-7200HVI-ST/SE series utilizes an improved GUI; thereby rendering it far more user friendly. Additionally, improved network performance, and encoding and decoding capacity, is enhanced for clearer video display.

Additional features include dual stream, simultaneous VGA and CVBS output, pre-recording and post-recording for motion detection, multiplex operation (which allows simultaneous live view/review/recording), audio in/out, PTZ control, e-mail event notification, and more.

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