Oct 02 2012

ONVIF alcanza los 2000 productos certificados

ONVIF, la iniciativa para estandarizar los productos de seguridad basados en IP, ha anunciado recientemente que ha alcanzado la cifra de 2000 productos certificados en el mercado. Con esta cifra se duplica el numero de productos certificados en los ultimos 12 meses, a la vez que se supera la cifra de 400 compañias adheridas al standard.

SAN RAMON, CA. – September 18, 2012. ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announced that more than 2,000 products are now certified as conformant with the ONVIF interoperability specification. This milestone of security industry adoption demonstrates the crucial role such interoperability specifications play in the process of selecting,installing and integrating IP-based security technology as part of an overall system.

Fuente: ONVIF

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