Hikvision y Dahua suben un puesto en la lista Security 50 del 2013

Hikvision y Dahua han subido un puesto en la lista Top Security 50 de Asmag del 2013, ocupando ahora los puestos 4 y 9 respectivamente.

Hikvision ha crecido un 35.6% en ventas el 2012:

“We are truly honoured to be recognised by Security 50 once again. This noteworthy achievement proves Hikvision’s continuous efforts in both R&D innovation and quality control for our entire product portfolio,” said Polo Cai, Vice President at Hikvision. “Hikvision will continue focusing our energies towards high-quality products and solutions for our customers. This includes in-depth local services that maintain a leading position in the global market and shape a new overall image of the Chinese manufacturing.”

Press release: http://www.hikvision.com/en/Press-Release-details.asp?id=2593

Dahua creció un 60.1%:

“In the latest 2013 a&s Security 50 ranking 9th place, Dahua Technology moves one place forward to the 9th. According to a&s Security 50 report, Dahua sustained double-digit revenue growth in 2012 despite the uncertain global market. Dahua has achieved 60% growth in 2012 which is the highest in Asia-based companies and the third highest among all on the list.”

Press release: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/news/dahua-advances-to-the-9th-place-in-2013-as-security-50-ranking-101.html

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